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How to cool the LED display screen in hot weather

Whenever the summer comes, it is often rainy and hot weather that people can\'t stand. For the LED display, in addition to lightning strikes, but also pay attention to the high temperature weather in summer, especially the outdoor LED display. In some place and cities, the outdoor temperature is sometimes as high as 35°-40°, and the LED display still works continuously. So high the temperature , will the LED display be dangerous? How can we cool the LED electronic display in hot weather?

Please see the following decomposition!

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1,Excellent material selection

The LED display is composed of a mask, a circuit board and a bottom case. The waterproof glue used for the fire-proof and moisture-proof are also an important component of the LED display. The mask and the bottom case are all made of quality-certified PC fiberglass materials with flame retardant function. The circuit board is sprayed with black three-proof paint to prevent weathering and corrosion.

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2,Heat dissipation

The larger the area of   the LED display, the greater the amount of electricity used and the more pronounced the heat. In addition, the summer sun is veryhot, and the high external temperature is easy to causes heat dissipation problem.

In order to solve the heat dissipation problem, it is necessary to adjust from the LED large-screen design and internal structure, and adopt a hollow design, the circuit board with high density and precision. The interior adopts a macro-transparent design, which does not generate rain and does not cause a short circuit of the wire. With the fan, the LED circuit load is reduced, and the internal and external phases are combined to achieve efficient heat dissipation.

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3, Specification installation

LED display screens are high-power appliances and are prone to short circuits. The high quality of the LED display including the wire and the structure are eliminate the short circuit phenomenon. However, a little carelessness and negligence during the installation process may cause unexpected dangers. In order to ensure safety, the manufacturer needs to guide the installation throughout the process to ensure that the positive and negative poles are connected, the circuit connection is secure, and the flammable materials around the LED display are removed. Arrange professional technicians to test and inspect the LED display regularly.