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How to protect LED display is in the storm


LED displays are divided into indoor usage and outdoor usage , indoor LED displays need to be protected from moisture, and outdoor LED displays need not only moisture, but also waterproof. If the waterproof and moisture-proof work is not in place, it is very easy to cause a short circuit in the LED display, and serious fire may occur. 

Therefore, in the season of heavy rain, waterproof and moisture-proof are essential tasks for LED video wall.

So, how to make the LED screen moisture-proof and waterproof?

For indoor displays, moderate ventilation can help the moisture attached to the display to evaporate quickly, reducing the relative humidity of the indoor environment. However, it is necessary to avoid ventilating in some windless and humid air, because it will increase the humidity in the room; secondly, install desiccant indoors, use physical dehumidification to reduce the moisture in the air; or turn on the air conditioner for dehumidification, if An air conditioner is installed in the space where the display is installed, and the air conditioner can be turned on in humid weather for dehumidification.

However, the environment in which the outdoor LED display is located is more complicated than the indoor one. The outdoor screen should not only consider the problem of moisture, but also do daily maintenance work such as waterproofing, especially in the rainy season. A good seal installation helps the display reduce the risk of water ingress. And regularly clean the dust attached to the inside and outside of the display, it can also help the display to better heat dissipation and reduce the adhesion of water vapor.

If the humidity is too large, it is easy to cause the LED board, power supply, power supply line and other zero components to be oxidized and corroded, resulting in malfunction, so we do anti-corrosion treatment when making LED display. For example, the surface of the PCB board is coated with three yellow paints. The power supply and the power supply line should be made of high-quality accessories. The welding place is the most easily corroded place. Pay attention to the protection work. Especially the frame, the frame is easy to rust, it is best to do anti-rust treatment.

Whether it is indoor or outdoor LED display, the most effective way to avoid moisture damage to the display function is to use it frequently. The working display itself generates some heat and can evaporate some water vapor, which greatly reduces the humidity, and the possibility of a short circuit. 

Therefore, frequently used displays have much less impact than uncommon display displays.