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4 mistakes in the purchase of LED display

Do you know how to avoid making mistakes when purchasing a display? Here are 4 tips for your reference.

First, please do not just look at the price

Price may be an important factor affecting the sales of LED display screens. Although everyone understands the truth of a penny, it will still unconsciously move closer to low prices when choosing LED display manufacturers. Customers are easily overlooked because of the huge price difference. However, in actual use, it may be remembered that the spread is actually a quality gap.

Second, "the same model" is not necessarily the "same product"

We often hear customers say that the same type of display, why your price is so much more expensive than others. I am very stunned, because we quote customers in accordance with the company channel price. In an accidental opportunity, I discovered that the so-called products of the same model are actually different. Let's take the P4LED display as an example. Generally speaking, the P4 LED big screen we mean is that the pixel spacing is 4.0mm, but there is a 4.81mm pixel on the market, which is the LED display screen of p4.81. Some salespeople claim to be P4 full color LED displays. 

In this way, the quotation gap will be more obvious, and many customers who do not understand it think that they have bought good products at low prices.

Third, the technical specifications parameter values are not as high as possible

Customers who purchase LED displays will select several manufacturers to evaluate and then decide which supplier to place order. 

Two important factors in the evaluation are price and technical parameters. In the case of similar prices, technical parameters are the determining factor. Many customers think that the higher the parameter value, the better the quality of the LED display. 

n fact, this is not the case. Let's take a simple example. It is also an indoor P4 full-color display. On the display brightness value, some manufacturers will write 2000cd/m2, and some manufacturers will write 1200cd/m2. Is that 2000 better than 1200? 

The answer is not necessarily, because the indoor LED screen brightness requirements are not high, generally between 800-1500. If the brightness is too high, it will be glaring and affect the viewing. In terms of service lifespam, the brightness is too high and it is easy to overdraw the LED display lifespam. Therefore, the reasonable use of brightness is correct, not the higher the brightness, the better. The same model, there are some parameters, such as LED lamp brand, scanning mode, refresh rate, power consumption, grayscale, etc., 

Fourth, the display production and detection time is not as short as possible

Many customers who purchase full-color LED display screens just placed an order and would like to get the goods immediately. We totally understand this kind of mood, but the LED video wall is a customized product, and it takes at least 48 hours to test after the production is completed. 

The inevitable result of the short delivery period is that the display screen has not been tested for sufficient time. In the future, the failure rate will definitely be higher.

In addition, some manufacturers do not have enough of the same batch of LED lamp in stock, and it is possible to use non-same batches of products in order to take orders. In this case, the display will have obvious color difference, which greatly affects the LED display effect.